Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise
**the bilingual edition**
is now available

Please get in touch if you would like to:

- order a personal copy
- order multiple copies to sell at your retail outlet or online
- discuss consignment
- discuss discounts for teachers + school libraries
- donate to have copies distributed to children in remote areas of Indonesia
- arrange a school visit/reading or book signing.


Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise is set in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.  It tells the story of a brother and sister from a remote fishing village who rescue their friend, a turtle, from ingesting plastic.  The incident raises the children’s awareness of the plastic debris in the sea and they make a vow to take action to protect their source of life - the ocean.

The book was written for Friendly Drifter Foundation as an educational resource intended to raise awareness of marine pollution for children around the world.


When I first moved to Raja Ampat several years ago I was struck by the amount of marine debris that was washing ashore on completely uninhabited, isolated and extremely remote islands.  I was impassioned to do something to build awareness around the issue and to create change.

I started to research existing groups/organisations or individuals who were working on this issue in Raja Ampat to see what was already happening and how I might be able to be of assistance.  I came across Friendly Drifter Foundation who were working towards creating sustainable waste management systems in Raja Ampat.  One of their missions is education and awareness and they had a vision to create a children’s book.  This is where I became involved.


It is our hope to get our book into the hands of as many Indonesian children (and children around the world) as possible.  Villages in the remote reaches of Indonesia often face the challenge of limited opportunities for education due to a severe lack of resources.  We want to offer this resource to inspire change is as many places in the archipelago as we can.

Friendly Drifter have distributed 250 books to children in villages throughout the Raja Ampat Archipelago and together with the 100 BOOKS project we hope to keep going.

You can read about the 100 BOOKS project HERE, or donate a book to a child in Indonesia HERE.

Thank you SO MUCH for being an OCEAN WARRIOR

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