6 Sep 2018

Ocean Warriors in Action

Ocean Warriors is IN THE WILD...

This is the book in action...

The whole experience of seeing this book come to life has been quite incredible.

When I started to see pictures of the kids in Raja Ampat with the book I didn't know if that could be topped.

But then I witnessed the kids with the book and WOW.  Watching their faces as they turned the page, seeing themselves and their homes in the story.  What an amazing experience.

And again, I thought I had felt the best of the best.

But then this happened...

This could be our Hero Petrus.  This could be straight from the pages of Ocean Warriors. It's just so cool.

But you know what makes this picture particularly cool?

This kid IS an Ocean Warrior!!!

Jonas, from Child Aid Papua Foundation has been sharing Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise with his young learners, doing beach cleans, and teaming up with the Marine Megafauna Foundation to do some Manta swims!!!  This is Petrus and Novi's story come to LIFE!!!

I'm so thrilled that this book is out there and available for these kids.

And I'm so grateful to all of you for helping make this a reality.

Have I told you lately how awesome you are???

(And thanks so much Jonas for your comittment to the health of the beautiful Raja Ampat Archipelago and it's communities)

* * * * *

If you have an Ocean Warriors Story I would LOVE for you to share it with me.  Please post a link in the comments below xxx

(And if you want to help me get more copies of Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise out there to people like Jonas and these kids, please let me know!)

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