Why I Have A BUCKET LIST (And Why I Think You Should Too)

Do you have a bucket list?

I don't mean a few ideas in your head of stuff you want to do before you die, I mean a real life, hold it in your hands actual list written down?

I do.  Here's why.

1.  When you write down what you want, it helps clarify what you want

When you write something down it becomes clearer.  Articulating something is much more difficult than knowing something.  It's why we learn things better when we have to teach them to someone else.  Having the idea in your head is easy, knowing in your head what you mean is easy, but in writing our goals down we bring clarity, focus and direction.

2.  Getting it onto paper places our attention on it and gets it "out there"

When we write our goals down we are putting them out into the universe.  When we write something down we are making our intentions clear.  When we write something down we are focusing on it.  In the moments of writing down our goals our full attention is on them.  And if there's one thing goals need to be completed, it's attention.  Similarly, reading over our bucket lists routinely ensures that our dreams are getting regular consideration.

3.  It makes you accountable and motivates you to get it done

How much fun is crossing something off a list?  It certainly motivates me.  It's all good and well to put your intention out to the universe, but without movement nothing will be achieved.  Having a list motivates us to take the steps necessary to achieve our goals.  On out daily to-do lists it is recommended that we start with the easy things because seeing these items being crossed off the list motivates us to keep going.  The same can be applied to your bucket list.  Essentially, crossing an item off your bucket list inspires you to cross another item off.

4.  Crossing things off the list is a form of celebration

There is a sense of achievement associated with completion.  When we see progress we are more likely to continue a practice.  Crossing items off the bucket list is a visual reminder of your achievement.

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