This Is Why I Do What I Do

This week we did two quick beach cleans - an hour on Monday and 40 minutes on Wednesday.

In those 100 minutes of cleaning the beach 3 of us picked up a total of 22 kilos of recycling and 31 kilos of rubbish including 189 shoes, 32 lighters and a plethora of spoons, straws, plastic bags, bottles, cups, tubs, tubes, toys, rope and pieces of foam and rubber...

At the end of each clean I walked back over the area we had focused on and took pictures of what was left and as you can see the beach is far from clean.  Quite the contrary... there are still shoes and bottles and packets and tubes and so many teeny tiny polystyrene balls and pieces of micro plastic.

This is why I do this.  

This is why I take photos of our beaches and post them all over social media - so people can see that rubbish doesn't always end up in the bin, and if it does it still doesn't go "away" and a lot of it is finding its way into our oceans.

This is why I raise money to support the salaries of staff working to process recycling - because without these systems there is nowhere else for plastic that already exists in the world to go.

This is why I spend time on educational resources for children - so we can teach them better ways.

This is why I support Friendly Drifter - because without sustainable waste management solutions to cope with the plastic already out there things will get worse.

Please help me keep our oceans clean and our wildlife and children safe by reducing your consumption of plastic.  

Great things a done by a series of small things brought together.

Together we can do great things!


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