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 Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise was written as a short story and was adapted for a children's book.  To celebrate its release in its bilingual version I have decided to (re)share parts of the original story and my inspiration for writing it.

Setting the scene for village life was an important part of both the original story and the adapted version.  Describing the houses and the jungle behind them, the ocean as a playground and a source of sustenance, market day and the general comings and going of the villagers was a way to make the local children feel at home when they read the story - to recognise themselves and their home on the pages.


In the heart of the Coral Triangle, in the Raja Ampat Regency, in a tiny house built on stilts over the sea, lived Novi and her big brother, Petrus.

Like most young children raised in the small fishing villages of the Archipelago of the Four Kings, Novi and Petrus rarely attended school.  Their classroom was all around them.  The rainforest was steep behind the village, the bay was dotted with rocky islates mushroomed by the waves, and mother ocean stretched before them as far as the eye could see.  The children spent their days throwing hooks off the jetty, wading through the shallows spearing shellfish, and scaling trees for coconuts, bananas and papaya.


I very much look forward to sharing the original short story with you over the next few weeks, and want to thank you all for purchasing this book, all proceeds from which go directly back to Friendly Drifter Foundation to fund future resources and sustainable waste management systems in Raja Ampat.


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