Rescuing Manis Sea Cat

Introducing Manis.
The kitty that turned me into a cat person...

I found a kitten at a nearby village with his head jammed in a door and I picked him up and held him even thought he was filthy and I don't like cats.

The head of the village told me I should take him home but I knew he was too young to be away from his mother.  "There is no mother", he said though I think he meant the mother had abandoned him because she knew he was sick and she was reserving her strength to take care of herself and perhaps her other kittens.

I took the kitten home and we called him Manis Sea Cat.  He was covered in dirt and had half his whiskers burnt off and he could barely open his eyes and his tail was all smooshed and broken and he had patches of fur missing and he was so frail and skinny and I could feel his bones.

But to me he was just the cutest thing there is.

Monday October 16

Tuesday October  17

Manis Sea Cat is at the vet getting SC fluid treatment and antibiotics.  After what I thought was a good afternoon yesterday - he ate and ran and snuggled and smiled - he went down hill today.  He was lethargic and didn't want to eat or drink and threw up anything he took in.  The poor thing was already skin and bones when I found him and watching him struggle today was heart breaking.  How can a cat you've only known for 30 hours, who was as good as dead when you found him, make you cry so much?  Especially when, frankly, you don't love cats? Well... I guess I love this cat.  And love is no joke.

Wednesday October 18

Manis Sea Cat is home.  He spent the night with the vet getting fluids and he started a course of antibiotics.  We have medicine for his eyes and for his skin.  He is still frail, so frail, but he can open his eyes and he is eating.  

And he is loved. 

Thursday October 19

Manis Sea Cat loves to cuddle.  And his favourite place to be is snuggled into your neck.

Friday October 20

Kitty is getting stronger and doing some exploring.  He is eating, eating, eating.  He is learning his new home quickly - he knows where everything is and when he wants to be picked up he puts his paw on you.  He hates to be alone and snuggles every chance he gets.

Week Two

Manis has wide bright eyes, a fat belly and is becoming very playful.

He has rope toy, bin toy, shell toy and shower toy.  He loves to sleep.  A lot.  Favourite places are snuggled into the neck (still) and underneath cushions (check before you sit down).


Manis Sea Cat's new favourite game is hide and attack.  He runs around the closest corner and waits for you then pounces.  He's convinced he's fierce and we let him believe it.

He is getting really good at jumping.

He is on a 4ish hour energy cycle where he eats, runs around like crazy for 20 minutes then sleeps for 3 hours.  Repeat.

Seriously.  There is so much sleeping.


Manis Sea Cat does not like boats.

I took him into the vet for his shots and as you can see in the above picture he was not overly impressed by the trip to town. He was freaked out.  

He still thinks she's fierce though.  He's part hunter part guard dog.  He sits at the foot of our stairs waiting for passers by to pounce on.  Or he hides in the jungle (the vetiver grass) waiting for unsuspecting victims to walk by.

Or, you know, he sleeps...

Manis is getting really big now.  He completely fills this box when he used to take up barely a corner.  But he still likes to sleep in it - sometimes half in half out.

All his fur has grown back, he is growing into his ridiculous rabbit legs (sort of) and he is a happy, healthy, active cat.

He loves his island home.  He often goes off visiting and most days someone will come to our place with Manis Sea Cat riding on their shoulder - his own personal Chariot home.

He follows me down to the beach when I clean, and I've started taking him for little paddles and swims.

He's so good at swimming.

And did I mention the sleeping????

 It's been 3 months since I brought Manis Sea Cat home and he has well and truly become part of our household.

We often remark on how different his life could have been had I not scooped him up that day.

And how different ours would have been....

One thing is for certain.  I'm totally a cat person now...

* * * 


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