21 Dec 2017

Process, Inspiration + a Sneak Peek

It was the season for rain and for weeks the sky had been a steely grey and the wind had whipped and howled across the sea, raising the water into angry white capped peaks.  

But this evening the rain had subsided and the wind had stilled and Novi, making the most of the break in the weather, ran to the end of the jetty in hopes of catching a glimpse of Lumba-lumba and her family.  She sat down on the dry, cracked wood with her legs hanging over the edge.  She heard singing in the distance and looked up to see her friends dancing and playing.  She waved and sang back and watched them as they swam across the bay and disappeared.  The sea was peaceful and the sky turned shades of tangerine and rose and the sun sank behind the horizon to give light to the other side of the world.

* * * * *

As the story about Petrus and Novi was taking shape I thought a lot about our marine neighbours and who the children might consider their friends - Lumba-lumba seemed an obvious choice, such is their prevalence in the area, and who doesn't love a dolphin??

I met the dolphins up close very soon after our move to Raja Ampat.  During my first few weeks in the archipelago Nath and I had a little explore in the tinny and one little guy popped his head up to say hello - something that I'd not seen in the wild before.  Before long they were dancing all around the boat and I was, as you might imagine, totally blissed out.

Since that day, it seemed that the dolphins were always around and often I would find myself distracted from my yoga practice on the porch as the dolphins swam across the reef edge...

In the story, Novi waves to her dolphin friends as they dance across the horizon at sunset.  Another snippet of my own life, sitting on the porch as the sun sinks behind the horizon casting the sky in brilliant hues.  A daily occurence and yet the Raja Ampat sunset sky never ceased to leave me in utter awe...

When I set out to write the story I had in mind to put together something that would educate the rest of the world about this beautiful corner of the world.  What I hope I created in the end, though, is something that will feel familiar to the people who live there.

* * * * *

I very much look forward to sharing the original short story with you over the next few weeks, and want to thank you all for purchasing this book, all proceeds from which go directly back to Friendly Drifter Foundation to fund future resources and sustainable waste management systems in Raja Ampat.

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