Monday, 5 June 2017

Petrus + Novi and World Environment Day

Exhausted, Novi and Petrus dragged themselves onto the hot sand and watched the reef appear as the tide receded.  Streamers of shredded plastic floated amid the sea grass and straws swam in the rock pools. Novi noticed the plastic bottles that dotted the tide line. 
"What's it all doing here?" She asked Petrus.  "There's no one here, how did the beach and the reef get covered in plastic?" 
"It comes from the village and from far away lands", her brother replied, looking towards the horizon as if towards the far off lands of which he spoke.  "We are all connected by the sea.  What the ocean swallows on one shore she spits out on another, days or weeks or months away".
"Unless she chokes on it first", said Novi in a voice so tiny it was barely audible.
"Yes, said Petrus, equally as solemnly, "Unless she chokes on it first".
The children sat quietly, each of them pondering the journey of the plastic through the sea and the threat it posed to all of them.

There is something particularly striking about seeing plastic debris on an otherwise untouched beach or island.  When we are in populated areas you can see the journey of the waste.  It is easy to assume that the reason rubbish finds it's way to our shores is because careless people leave it there.

But it's not always that easy.  Even in the remotest of places, on unpopulated islands and beaches rarely visited by humans, we see the effects of the Plastic Tide.

We are all connected by the sea.

What our beautiful mother ocean swallows on one shore she spits out on another...

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