Thursday, 25 May 2017

More About Our Mangrove Garden

Until recently I didn't know the cause of the destruction of our mangroves.  I could see the skeletal remains but didn't know if the trees were dead or alive when they were cut down.  I didn't know what had killed them.

Recently I heard that they were purposely slain to open the view for a resort that was on the island before it was a pearl farm.

How sad.

Today I took a walk through the forest to photograph the damage and I came across this beautiful tree, alive and kicking.

You can see where she is dropping her seeds directly into the soil.  

Other trees have healthy and strong roots that branching out to find more ground...

But still... the graveyard...

I collected another handful of seeds to add to our nursery today.  I'm so looking forward to repairing the part of this forest that has become a wasteland...

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