Sunday, 7 May 2017


Finding sustainable waste management solutions is a hot topic throughout Indonesia, and Flores is no exception.  There is devastating amounts of rubbish  both in the water and on land.  

Typically, much recyclable waste in Labuan Bajo has been burned - including plastics - which is extremely damaging to the environment and peoples health.  Pak Robert Kennedy Diaz is on a mission to change this.

Pak Diaz has been actively seeking waste management solutions for several years, and has recently started a recycling processing centre in Labuan Bajo called 3R.  The program has received government support by way of a warehouse for processing, a motorbike for collection and an industrial shredder from a processing centre in Eastern Flores.  It's a neat little outfit that's all set up and ready to go!

The pilot phase of the program has been very successful with many homes and businesses coming on board and lots of interest being shown - But we need help to keep it going.

The long and the short of it is this - in order to pay staff they need product to sell.  In order to have product to sell it needs to be processed.  In order to be processed they need staff….

To process all the materials they have coming in we need to employ 4 extra staff members.  Minimum wage in Indonesia is 1,500,000 per month - roughly 150 Australian dollars.  I'd like to raise money for 6 months by which time the sale of the materials should be taking care of staff salaries and the business will be self sustaining.

So, I need 600 dollars a  month for 6 months… giving us a grand total of 3,600 dollars.  I've put my goal at 5 grand because with some extra cash the crew will also be able to get another vehicle for collection allowing them to sign on more business such as dive boats and hotels that are a little out of town.

I can't stress how important this initiative is.  By now everyone in the world is (or should be) aware of the growing problems caused by plastic pollution.  Without 3R there is no waste management solution in Labuan Bajo.  This centre is such an important step in the right direction not only for Flores and Komodo but for all of Indonesia.

Please share far and wide.  Remember, every tiny bit helps.

You can donate to the campaign fund here.

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