Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kapal Maria

Check it, double deck it you guys!!!  Our first BOAT!!

Kapal Maria was built by the carpenters some time ago, but had been left on the beach and was filling up with sand so I rescued her.

And when I say "I" rescued her I mean about 10 blokes rescued her because digging her out and dragging her up was by no means easy.  I couldn't even get her to budge.

In fact, even the boys were having a hard time lifting the sunken and waterlogged vessel and helpfully suggested that we just get a speed boat and drag her into the water until one of them quietly explained that "no, madam wants to save it for a garden".  And I smiled and nodded my head.  And so they continued to dig and drag and lift and now we have a boat garden full of lemongrass and pineapples because it's still the only thing we can grow here that the goats won't eat!

But isn't she pretty???

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