Monday, 24 April 2017

Around Labuan Bajo: Batu Cermin

Batu Cermin, or Mirror Stone Cave, is a short trip by car or ojek from the main road of Labuan Bajo.

I came across this cave quite by accident today after visiting with Ibu Fitri.

My boat home was running late and I had a few hours to kill so I went to see where she's been staying.  As it happens, her neighbour is a tour guide in town and we got talking about some of the local attractions.  Batu Cermin, he told me, was just a kilometer up the road and we could walk there - did I want to go.

Of course I did.

Sure enough, a short walk from where we started (and only 4 kilometers from the town center) we reached the gates to Batu Cermin.  I paid 20,000RP for us to enter and we strolled along a cemented path shaded by great arching bamboo to reach the rock wall where we would find the cave.

I didn't know before embarking on this adventure that Batu Cermin was a cave - I thought it was a rock.  So I was somewhat unprepared for the adventure in that I had no torch with me.  But we shared light from our phones and made the short walk through the tunnel and into the belly of the cave where the stone is said to reflect light like a mirror.

On this particular day the walls didn't glitter as much as they could have as it was slightly late in the afternoon.  I'm told that late morning, around 11am is the best time to go.

The walk, though, was nice, and there were more trails to explore than what I had time for before having to head back to my boat so it's definitely somewhere I will return to for further exploration.

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