Monday, 17 April 2017

Around Komodo: Kanawa Island Beach Resort

We keep having long weekends out here, and keep having to work over them - such is the way when you're a farmer or work in the tourism industry.  We have, however, been trying to steal away, at least for an afternoon at a time, so as not to burn ourselves out.  

Kanawa Island is super close to where we live so on Good Friday, having never been before, we decided to check it out and spend the afternoon.

Kanawa Island is reputed for it's spectacular snorkelling.  True to what we had heard of the island boats were lined up at the jetty full of tourists ready to explore the deep blue. 

Schools of tiny fish danced beneath the jetty and though we didn't get in to explore ourselves I've no doubt the experience is one that is enjoyed by those who do.

We decided to stay on the beach, swim in the shallows, eat lunch and enjoy a few quiet beverages...

I wish I had nicer things to say about the island and resort, but the experience was nothing to rave about.  As a day guest there was no package - everything was pay as you go... Pay to moor the boat, if you want a table on the beach you pay to rent it, if you want beach lounge you pay again.  The restaurant itself, while free to use a table and chair, was hot and full of flies.  The menu was limited and many things weren't available though we did enjoy the food we ordered.  The beer was warm.

There was no water on the island at the time (a problem we are all too familiar with ourselves) but as a place that invites guests ashore to enjoy the facilities this proved rather problematic - flushing toilets with no water is not a pretty site.  At least they waived the usual usage fee for the day...

I'm not in any great rush to go back to Kanawa, and nor would it be on my hit list of places to see if you're in the area.  However it was a welcome relief to escape the work site for a few hours and a pretty place to spend an afternoon.

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