Sunday, 5 March 2017

Where We Live

I've introduced Pungu Before...

But that was quite some time ago...

We are drawing to the end of our first 3 months on the island full time.  And it is really starting to become home.

The sun rises over the water in front of our house.  Which is a pretty nice way to start the day. 

On good weather days (which we're having more of now) the sky is blue and the water is turquoise.

Every day we have a local boat moor out the front and pump water into our tanks - we have no natural water source on the island!

The whole island, basically a rock, is pretty tiny... We went for a paddle board around it the other day...

Because it's so small its a super quick walk to the back to watch the sunset over the sea, too.

And because we're coming off the back of the wet season everything is beautifully green at the moment!

I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit, but it will be nice to return to our new island home ...

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