Monday, 6 March 2017

Around Labuan Bajo: Plataran Resort + Surrounds

It is a gorgeous time of year here in Flores.  The months of relentless rain have left everything beautifully green, and everything looks so alive!

We don't get out and about to explore the surrounding areas quite as much as we might if we lived on land.  And the wet season has not been at all conducive to jumping in the boat to visit local hotspots.  But now that the weather has calmed down and the rain has subsided we are better able to check out what else is around...

Last week I paid a visit to Plataran Resort to have a look and it was well worth it!

The road to the resort is brutal - a knocked up dirt track that has suffered severely in the wet season.  It is full of holes and is, at times, somewhat frightening to drive on.  I believe they are doing work on the road to improve it, but for now the best way to get to the resort is by sea.

Still, it was worth the trip...

One of the resort restaurants sits atop a peak that overlooks turquoise waters and the islands that snake into the national park.  The resort itself, comprised of different bungalows and villas furnished with carved wood and flowing fabrics sits along a white sand beach with a pool overlooking the same waters and islands.  It is not a bad place to spend your time, just quietly.

Although the road out to Plataran is somewhat treacherous at the moment, it still offers some pretty stunning vistas and is, in my opinion, worth the short drive just for the view!

I'm very much looking forward to getting to know this area better...

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