Saturday, 25 February 2017

Trash Hero Komodo

Trash Hero was born in Thailand and currently have more than 30 chapters worldwide.  Each chapter, as a bare minimum, organises bottle refill stations in their area, or weekly clean ups.  On top of this, they also offer awareness, education and green solutions based on the needs of the community.  Trash hero volunteers are unpaid and their chapters rely on support from local businesses and tourists to keep going.

I first got in touch with the Trash Hero Indonesia team when we were living in Raja Ampat.  You might recall that I spent some time with the Trash Hero Sanur chapter last year to discuss possible options for the waste problems in West Papua...  Due to our complete isolation it wasn't easy for me to fill the minimum requirements to start a Trash Hero Raja Ampat chapter, but I am happy to say that now we are closer to a community we will be able to support Trash Hero Komodo!

Nathan and I joined our first Trash Hero Komodo clean up yesterday, and I am very much hoping that we will be able to join more regularly when we return from leave.  It's such a nice way to become part of the local community.

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