Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thursday is Beach Clean Day

I've been making a concentrated effort this month to focus less on trash, and more on beauty.

But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about my responsibility.

Every Thursday we are still doing beach cleans here.

And, despite the fact that the winds have changed and the weather has settled we still have an extraordinary amount (and variety) of trash delivered to us from the sea.

It's amazing the patterns you find when you clean the same beach day in and day out.  Here it's shoes and bottles and cups and spoons and an incredible amount of micro plastic..

I also find a remarkable amount of lightbulbs washed up on the shore - something that never ceases to amaze, not least because they make it without breaking...

If you keep up with my musings here you will know that I find it pretty easy to become overwhelmed by the rubbish thing - on the island, in Indonesia, in the world...

But on Thursdays, when we all come together to clean up, I have hope.  (Yes, sometimes by the very next day it feels like false hope.  But still, for an hour, that glimmer is decadent!)

And, of course, this month I've been focusing on noticing the beauty - not just the trash.  So here is a photo without the mess.  This is why we do what we do.

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