Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Smog of the Sea

The rubbish that you find lying on the beach is not always left there intentionally.  Much of the plastic that finds it's way into our ocean has not been dumped off the side of a boat (though that does happen, unfortunately).  Trash ends up in the sea because it gets blown or washed out of landfills.  It ends up in the sea because manufacturers export to countries with no infrastructure for waste management or recycling.  

The problem is not just the unsightly mess it leaves, the problem is that it is killing our marine life and the ocean ecosystem.  The problem is that the industrial toxins found in plastic are ingested by fish and then, higher up the food chain, ingested by you.  

When I think about the plastic ocean, which is probably a little too often these days, I am astonished to remember that this is a relatively new problem, that only 50 or 60 years ago there was none of this…  But maybe that very thing is enough to give us hope that we can fix it.

This is a great Documentary.  Watch it.


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