Monday, 6 February 2017

Mangrove Rehabilitation - Seeds

You guys, I've been learning ALL about mangroves.

Like, did you know that they give birth to live young?  Well, they do.  The tree actually starts growing out of the flower until it drops and lands, either in the ground where it just continues to grow, or in the water where it floats around until it soaks up so much water that it gets heavy and starts to sink and lodges itself in the ground and keeps right on growing.  Yes, they plant themselves.  It's fascinating, really.  I had no idea.

I thought the "seeds" were seed pods until I attempted to crack one open.  This sparked a frenzy of watching youtube videos and reading articles - it was pretty clear I had NO IDEA about mangroves and you can't rehabilitate a mangrove plantation when you have NO IDEA about mangroves.

But now I have an idea or two and I'm pretty excited about planting out our mangrove garden...

These are mangrove seeds - or, what will become the tree...

And this is below the tree where those seeds have just dropped right into the mud and started growing!

Pretty cool, huh?

You can see more of the mangrove rehabilitation project here.

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