Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Burn Pile Working Bee

As you guys know, Thursday is beach clean day here.

One of the common practices on the island during site cleans, beach cleans and post storm clean ups, is to take the organic waste (like logs, palm fronds, old bamboo etc) out to the back beach where it goes onto a burn pile.

Which I guess is ok?

The problem is that it's not just logs and palm fronds and old bamboo etc that finds its way to this pile of "organic" waste.


This was the burn pile on January 20, when I first decided to take back this beach...

We have added A LOT of storm debris since then... and, unfortunately, a lot of everything else.

So, this week during our beach clean we had a working bee to start sorting through some of the undesirables in the pile.

The problem here is not that people are thoughtlessly throwing their rubbish away.  The problem is there is a lack of alternatives and education for responsible practice.

We are hoping that by being actively involved in this process we can educate the people here and give them the information and practices they need to take home to their own communities.

The change will be slow, but we must start somewhere.

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