Friday, 13 January 2017

Low Tide Wandering and The Great Crab Rescue

This morning I wandered over the sandy flat in front of our island in low tide.  It was gorgeous!  Many of the starfish that make their homes in the shallows were hanging out in the receding water, some had already hidden themselves in the sand - something that I'd never seen before and was completely and utterly fascinated by!

Often wandering along the low tide line (and the high tide line for that matter), particularly after a storm, the waters edge is littered with debris.  I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of plastic this morning and instead of picking up bottles and straws and plastic snack packets I was able to focus my attention on the creatures making their homes in the sand and rocks.

And then I came across this - a bommy, covered in an old fishing net.

The fine mesh of the net was tangled in the rocky surface and threaded through pieces of coral.  It was a fairly massive undertaking to remove it all and I was trying very hard to not break coral or leave pieces of net behind.

As I gently pried the net from the last piece of coral I found this poor guy tangled up in the mess.

It took a fair bit of patience, and a lot of help from Nathan, scissors and tweezers to be able to remove this tangle of fishing line from the joints of all the crabs legs so he could walk freely again.

It felt pretty good to be able to release him as a happy swimmer... but wouldn't it be so much nicer if he didn't have to be rescued in the first place?

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