Saturday, 14 January 2017

Island Garden Take Two

You guys, we moved.  I had to say goodbye to my garden.

You may recall that I had some trouble in my island garden.  Hermit crabs.  And hermit crabs used to eat EVERYTHING.  Well, now we have goats.

Have you ever owned a goat??

It's hard to have a garden when you have a goat.

And we have lots of goats.  I'm not sure how many but they seem to run in mobs, terrorising the island, eating everything in reach and climbing on whatever they can to also eat everything that's not in reach.

I've done LOTS of research about what to plant when you have goats.  The only thing I could find that they don't eat is lantana. 


You know those super long vicious thorns on lime trees?  Well, apparently they eat those.  How about Bouganvillea?  Have you ever been surprised by that?  Those thorns will tear you to shreds.  Yep, apparently goats eat those too...

But I will not be deterred! I WILL GROW A GARDEN!

And a few weeks ago we finally went to town (haha.... YES, TOWN. It's still very exciting) to get some plants for the initial experimental phase of our garden.

We got some palms.  We've put them in pots on our porch so now our porch is lovely and green and one day the palms will grow big and we can put them off the porch and the goats won't be able to eat them because they'll be too tall!  HA!  Take that goats!

We got some grasses.  I'm pretty sure the goats will gobble this up without taking a breath but it's super hot and dry and sunny here and these grasses like full sun and they're hardy and grow well and even if they never make it off the porch it will give everyone on the island a little bit of green happiness.

We bought some orchids.  Nath loves his orchids.  We miss our beautiful porch garden full of orchids in Alyui so we're going to start again here...

We got bouganvillea to try, even though we've been told the goats will love that...

We bought some Jasmine for our porch garden, too.  What a treat!

We bought some catci.  I hope goats don't eat cacti.  I've put one downstairs as a test.

We bought a frangipani because we heard goats don't eat frangipanies.  We're also propagating some like we did in Alyui...

And we bought these prickly fuckers.  Another little test for the goats.  If they leave them alone we'll know what we can plant around the island.

We're also trying lemongrass and pineapples.  Maybe the goats will eat them, maybe not.  There's only one way to find out!

And, of course, you can't have a garden without sticks and rocks so I've started a collection...

It's a bit exciting, an experimental garden.  Of course I'm just waiting for the day one of those sneaky goats eats my cactus and I'm heart broken and forlorn... But for now I'm just super inspired to green this place up.

Stay tuned because we have a big mangrove rehabilitation project as well - that will really put my gardening to the test!

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