Thursday, 15 December 2016

Thursday is Beach Clean Day

Despite yesterdays mammoth effort to clean the beach after the wicked storm we had the other night, today the beach was lined with debris again.  The usual offenders were there - single use plastic bottles and water cups, old flip flops and shoes, cleaning product containers, instant noodle bowls, toys, shoes, lighters and a plethora of micro plastics.

The rubbish here washes in from the sea, accumulates on the high tide line and gathers in the mangrove roots.  Every time we clean bag after bag after bag of trash is collected ready to be taken to town.

Cleaning up is great.  And it's wonderful to be part of a community that wants to clean the plastic from the beaches.  But cleaning up isn't enough.  We need to take measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are producing.  Try to remember to say no to straws and plastic bags.  Take your own mug if you're getting a take away coffee, and always remember your reusable water bottle!

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