Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Post Storm Clean Up

It's the rainy season.  And last night the weather really came in - the biggest storm I've found myself in for quite some time!  The rain was utterly relentless and the swell ridiculous.  We stood on the porch and watched as the waves tore the beach away and the heavy rain etched  deep rivulets into the sand that remained.

This morning, this is what remained... 

Every Thursday the staff here gather to clean the site.  The whole island is cleaned, from point to point.  Trash on the beach is collected to be burned or taken to town.  Despite the fact that today is Wednesday the staff still gathered to help me clean the coast line of the post storm debris.

That's a lot of trash washing up on one teeny tiny island!!!

Please do your part in reducing plastic waste by refusing single use items.  Just say no to straws + plastic bags, take your own cup if you're getting take away coffee, and always use a refillable water bottle!

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