Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2)

Stretches the groin, chest, lungs and shoulders
Stretches and strengthens the legs and ankles
Stimulates abdominal organs
Increases stamina
Relieves back ache

*Should not be practiced in case of Diarrhea or high blood pressure.  In case of neck injury, pose should be modified.

Begin facing the long edge of your mat.  Step the feet out wide - about 1 and a half leg lengths (as in wide legged forward fold).   Align the outside of the right foot with the back edge of your mat, and turn the left foot 90 degrees to point forward to the front edge of your mat.  Your left heel should align with the inside arch of the right foot.  Inhale and lift the arms out to the side at shoulder height.  On an exhalation bend the left knee  so that it forms a right angle.  Turn your gade to look over the middle finger of your left hand.  Energise the arms by reaching forward and back through the fingertips. Energise the legs by pressing down through the left heel and back through the outside edge of your right foot.  Your torso should be tall and straight.  Lengthen the spine, find the space between the ears and shoulders.

Hold here for 5-8 breaths.

To release from the pose inhale and straighten the leg, exhale and take the arms to the hips, and turn the feet to practice on the other side.

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