Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Exploring Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior Pose

Warrior 2 lends itself very nicely to a vinyasa flow sequence due to the opportunity to find movement in the pose.  Reverse warrior is a lovely pairing with Warrior 2 and is easy to do.

Begin in Warrior 2 pose.

You can add some fluidity and movement here with the back arm by imagining you are pulling an arrow back in a bow that is held in the front arm.

Then come into reverse warrior by taking the back hand down to the thigh, and reaching the front hand up and overhead looking up past the raised hand. Sink the hips towards the floor, and relax and open the shoulders.

To release from the pose exhale and return to Warrior 2.  Hold here for a few breaths. Inhale and straighten the front leg, exhale and release the arms, then change the feet position to repeat on the other side, or step the feet back to mountain pose.

You can find a short video of the sequence here.

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