Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Exploring Child's Pose (Wide Knee Variation)

We learned Child's Pose (Balasana) in Part I of the Introduction to Yoga Series.  If you would like a refresher on the benefits, alignment or contraindications of this pose you can find the information here.

Today we are going to experiment with movement in the pose, and explore how to find more depth.  We will be working with the wide kneed variation, a nice hip opener, but you can apply these movements (and other things that feel good) with your knees at hip width, too.

Begin by bringing your knees to the edge of your mat.  Your big toes are together.

Walk the hands forward and bring the belly down, releasing your chest towards the floor.  If this is uncomfortable, a bolster pillow between the legs makes a lovely prop to lay on!

Start exploring movement in your fingertips.  Spread the fingers wide, drum them on the mat, stretch them towards the sky.

To deepen the stretch in your arms, press the fingertips into the mat and lift the wrists.

To deepen the stretch across the shoulders we can start to rock the pose slightly pressing one armpit into the mat and then the other.

Spend some time experimenting with movement in this pose and finding what feels good for you in this moment.  Then exhale and be still.  Hold the pose for a few breaths.

You can find a short video of these movements here.

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