Friday, 18 November 2016

Putting it Together: A Short Vinyasa Flow

Let's put Warrior I, Warrior III, and Pyramid into a short Vinyasa Flow.

We begin in Mountain Pose.

Take a step back, inhale and raise the arms, exhale and bend the front knee, Warrior I.

Release the arms, straighten the front leg, inhale and lengthen the spine and begin to fold forward into Pyramid Pose.

Bend the front knee slightly to release, inhale and raise the arms, exhale and bend the knee coming back into Warrior I.

Exhale and bring the torso towards the front leg such that your arms are parallel to the floor then straighten the front leg as you lift the back leg, Warrior III

Inhale and step the raised leg forward, lifting the torso and the arms into Upward Salute.

Exhale and return to Mountain Pose.

Then repeat the sequence on the other side!

You can find a short video of the sequence here.

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