Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Knee to Nose Pose

Strengthens the core, arms and legs
Improves concentration

*Should not be practiced in case of knee, wrist or shoulder injury, or high blood pressure.

Knee to nose pose is a great addition to the beginning of an energising sequence as it brings movement into your practice.  You can prepare for this pose by warming up with a few rounds of Cat/Cow.

For Knee to Nose Pose, we begin in Downward Facing Dog.

On an inhale, lift one leg to come into Three-Legged Dog.

On the exhale, draw the knee in towards the chest and drop the head down.

Press the hands into the mat and round the spine as in Cat Pose.

Repeat a few times on each side.  Inhale into Thre-Legged Dog, exhale into Knee to Nose Pose.  Inhale, 3 Legged Dog, exhale Knee to Nose Pose.

Return to Downward Facing Dog and repeat on the other side.

You can find a short video of the sequence here.

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