Monday, 14 November 2016

An Energising Morning Flow

Lets put everything we've learned together in a sequence to energise you in the mornings.

We start out nice and slowly, feeling our way into Child's Pose.

Then we move through the Cat/Cow with Lunge Variation warm up.

From here, we lift into Downward Facing Dog ...

...and start to energise the body with Knee to Nose Pose

and the Plank Sequence.

Now that we are nice and warm we can run through a few Sun Salutations.

First the basic Sun Salutation we learned in the first part of the series...

and then we can add in Pigeon Pose.

We will finish up by coming down for some slow stretches.

First, Garland Pose...

... then Happy Baby Pose...

... and finally Reclining Bound Angle Pose.

Don't forget Shavasana.

If you go through each of the poses once you only need 10 minutes everyday to practice this sequence.  If you have a bit more time you might like to spend longer in each pose, or repeat the salutations a few times.

You can find a video of the sequence here.

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