Thursday, 6 October 2016

Baby Cobra Pose (Ardha Bhujangasana)

Helps to relieve stress and fatigue
Strengthens the spine
Stretches the chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen
Firms the buttocks
Stimulates abdominal organs

*Should not be practiced in case of back injury, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache or pregnancy

Start with your belly on the floor.  Stretch your legs behind you with your heels towards the sky.  Place your hands underneath your shoulders and spread the fingers.  Tuck the elbows in.

Engage the legs by pressing the thighs and the tops of the feet into the mat.

Inhale and lift your chest slightly off the mat, coming only so far that you can hold it without using your hands to press yourself up.  Lift your hands off the mat to check.  Keep the shoulders back and down, chest forward, gaze forward and down.  Keep the legs active but the buttocks soft.

Hold here for a few breaths and on an exhale release back to the floor.

Now let's try moving from Child's Pose to Baby Cobra.

Begin in Child's Pose with your hands extended in front of you.  After a few breaths here, come up onto your hands and knees.  Shift your weight forward onto your hands and bring your belly onto the floor.  Inhale and lift the chest, Baby Cobra. Stay here for a few breaths.  Use your hands to push yourself back onto all fours and then take your bottom back down towards your heels for Child's Pose.

Do a few cycles, breathing in through the nose and out through the nose.

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