Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Connecting to the Breath: Lotus Mudra Sequence

This is one of my favourite ways to find connection with the breath and start my practice.

This sequence is beautiful for stretching and strengthening the wrists, shoulders and neck so it's perfect for people who work at desks or sit at computers for long periods.  It is a really nice way to break up the day.  I used to do this with my students and it was always a win.  

This sequence can be done sitting in a chair, or from any seated pose.  I do it sitting on my heels so I get a nice stretch through my feet and toes and the same time.  

We begin with hands at heart center. 

Become aware of the breath, in through the nose and out through the nose.

Inhale and drawing the elbows together take the hands over head in Lotus Mudra.  Keep the pinkies together and the thumbs together spreading the rest of the fingers like a blooming flower.

Exhale and bring the hands back down, palms together, through heart center and down towards the navel.  Press the fingers together and draw the palms away to stretch through the wrists and fingers.

Inhale and bring the hands up, opening them like a book. Continue to take the hands forward, straightening the elbows and sending the palms in front of you with the fingertips pointed down.

Exhale and bring the back of the hands together with your fingertips facing up, then towards you, then down and finally sending the hands, palms out, in front of you, straightening the elbows again. 

Inhale and reverse the previous motion taking the fingertips down, then towards you, then up, and finally bringing the palms back together at heart center. 

I like to do this sequence at least 3 times.  Find what feels good to you.

You can find a video of the sequence here.

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