Saturday, 15 October 2016

Bye Bye Porch Garden

You guys, we are moving.  We are leaving Alyui.  Saying goodbye to Raja Ampat.

Obviously we knew when we got here that we weren't staying forever.  But we didn't think we would be leaving so soon.

Today I took photos of our porch garden.  I'm sure, were we not leaving, I would have gotten around to taking photos of it to share here eventually.  But we are packing up and clearing out and I want to be able to remember this forever...

I want to remember the shells I collected and the chillies I planted and the wooden stumps I dragged in to display it all...

I want to remember my favourite piece of driftwood and the giant shell I found on Pulau Yefmet and the orchids Nathan found and potted.  I want to remember the red coral from the beach that we didn't know was a pink sand beach so deep was the collection of sand and coral on top of it...

I want to remember the bottles I painted to brighten up the porch, the feather I found the day after I got swooped by the owl and the coriander seeds I saved but never planted because coriander was sooooooooooooo hard to grow at Alyui and I didn't want to "waste" them.

This little porch garden was an accumulation of goodness that I collected and saved and planted over the course of our entire time here at Alyui.  It is a little bit hard to say goodbye, but it's nice to know that someone else will enjoy it in the future.

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