Sunday, 25 September 2016

Exploring Bali: Taman Festival

I found it!

Taman Festival is an abandoned amusement park just north of Sanur.  It is that gorgeous combination of urban decay + nature that just makes you want to take photo after photo after photo and leaves you with a sense of wonder and intrigue.  Back in my fire dancing days I would have loved to have done a photo shoot here... But that was another life.  Maybe yoga?

You can ride a bicycle here from Sanur - along the beach all the way.  Just keep going and going until you can't go anymore.  You will see the roof line and the big owl eyes from the bike path.  Or from Sanur it's 50 thou in a taxi and super easy to find.

Some how this place is still off the radar. I lived in Sanur for 2 years and didn't even know it existed.  And I was the only person there when I went today!  So worth a visit, you guys!  And don't forget your camera!

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