Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Eva and Mya Clean Up

Today I took my nieces to the beach.  When we arrived, Eva got out of the car and exclaimed about the trash all around the parking area.  "Oh my goodness!  There is rubbish everywhere!  Look, Mya!  I don't think it's that hard to just put your rubbish in the bin.  Aunty Cath, maybe we should go home and get a bag to clean up".

Well, as you can imagine my heart just swelled and my eyes teared up and we went home and got a bag and returned to clean up.  The girls found some trash picker uppers (aka sticks) and proceeded to pick up even the tiniest pieces of rubbish. 

As we cleaned we talked about different ways to keep the beaches clean - everything from putting your rubbish in the bin to eating at home so you don't make the rubbish to begin with.  

When we had finished cleaning the carpark the girls requested to take their sticks/trash picker uppers to the beach and asked me to carry the bag in case there was any more rubbish to be collected.

My heart grew bigger today as I observed the mindful way in which my nieces approached their beach visit.

Thank you Eva + Mya.

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