Saturday, 30 July 2016

Back in the Boat Yard: A July Garden Update

We've had quite a bit of rain lately - both during the month we were gone and this past week since we've been back.  This has been tremendous for some parts of our garden, but killed other parts. 

The herbs we tried to propagate from cuttings a few months ago have had mixed results.  The rosemary didn't make it past a few days, the thyme has survived but not thrived, the mint is barely hanging on, but the oregano is loving life.  We thought we'd try again with the rosemary and brought plant back from Bali.  We potted it and left it in the rain for it to die with rotten roots.   We are trying rosemary cuttings again as I type this - this time well out of the reach of rain.  And we have moved the thyme to various, more protected areas and are hoping it will be a bit happier.  We are also trying the mint in more protected areas and have a second round of cuttings sitting in water to root.  As you can imagine I check them every three minutes, but nothing has happened so far.  I guess they need a bit longer than 37 minutes to start sprouting.

Loving the rain, as always, are our potatoes and basil.  The potatoes don't have any bulbs, but the vines are growing happily.  They are pretty and strong and if nothing else will provide good protection against erosion.  I have a few slips sitting in bottles and I'm hoping to get some good growth happening quickly so that I can plant out the rest of the bed and get a nice strong patch going.

The lemon grass that I potted to create a wind break for the rest of the garden is handling the salty gusts like a champion.  It is green and growing strong.  Like basil, it seems to really be the climate for lemon grass here.  I think we're going to really have to start cooking with it more.  Or drink more lemongrass tea!

Since we've been gone the fiesta chillies and the eggplants have really taken off.  We came back to a burst of colour on the chilly bushes and I'm looking forward to giving them a try!  The eggplants too are very happy.  They are flowering and yesterday I spotted a fruit on one of the plants which I reacted too with great glee! Fingers crossed they grow well and don't get attacked by garden pests before they make their way to our bellies.

My next experiments will include FLOWERS!  I've been so focused on getting edibles going that pretty blooms have seemed like a waste of bed space.  But it would be nice to add a bit of variety to what we have going.  I've put a few marigold and zinnia seeds in and have some sunflower seeds that are just waiting for some space to free up!

Do you have any advice for tropical gardening?  I would LOVE to hear from you!

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  1. I am new to tropical gardening.