Friday, 10 June 2016

Islands of R4: Pulau Mei

This weekend saw us visiting a new little beach.  Most of our time out here is spent at places where the fishing or diving is known to be good.  But we decided to just go for a little drive in the boat on the weekend and see if we could find a nice beach without worrying about what else was around...

Pulau Mei is right around the corner from this little Homestay... A nice place to spend a holiday if I do say so myself...

The white sand beach was lined with reef and backed with dense jungle - not unlike most of the islands here... We swam and collected seaweed for the garden and went beach combing and did handstands.  All the usual stuff you do when you spend an afternoon at the beach. I even found whale bones which was part exciting and part traumatising. And in the late afternoon we returned home feeling nourished by the sea and the sand.  I'm really getting used to this island life!

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