Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Islands of R4: Back at Wofo

There is a saying among divers that no diver ever dives the same site twice.  It refers to the fact that you can dive the same place and each time you will have a totally different experience.  Even in similar conditions, your dive won't be the same as the one before.  What you see will change, how you feel will change.  The underwater world is ever evolving.

The same, I think, can be said about anywhere.  It doesn't matter how many times you return to a place, each experience will be different.

Recently we returned to Wofo and I almost didn't recognise it.  You may recall that we were there last October.  I loved Wofo.  It was beautiful.  And it still was.  But this time the rust had disappeared from the leaves and the sand had been gobbled up by the tide and it felt like a totally different place.

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