Saturday, 18 June 2016

Globe Wandering: Cambodia : Bokor National Park + The Green House

In the 1920s, in an effort to escape the heat, The French settlers built a village on top of Bokor Mountain. The hill station was abandoned in the 70's when the area was infiltrated by the Kmer Rouge.  The abandoned buildings now hold a strange combination of grandeur and creepiness.  While one can easily imagine what the place must have been like in it's hey day, you can't shake the eerie feeling that has crept in with Pol Pot and his men.

Bokor Hill station made for a most gorgeous excursion.  We rented a motorbike (5 dollars from Kampot) and rode up in the morning in an attempt to avoid the heat of the day.  The road up the mountain is new and easy and there were lots of places on the way up worth of a stop to catch the view.  There is quite a bit to do in the National Park and we chose only a few sites so we could get back to the river for lunch.

We decided to eat at the Green House - a beautiful place on the river - because we had initially wanted to stay in the area but everywhere was full.  From all accounts while it was indeed gorgeous, it was isolated and therefor an expensive base from which to see the rest of the area, so we decided that it had worked out for the best staying in town and being able to explore from there.  Having said that, it was a stunning place to spend a few hours and go for a swim, and the food was spectacular.  I would highly recommend putting it on your itinerary if you're in the area!

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