Thursday, 21 April 2016

April Garden Update

Before I leave the island and head off on the next adventure I thought I would leave an update of the garden.  For you to see, if you're interested, but also for me - a visual diary of the progress we are making.

Growing our own food on an island in the middle of the sea isn't the easiest thing to do.  Aside from having to wait for old boats to wash up on the shore or be spotted floating in the sea and then dragged home so we have something to plant in, everything out here is a little harder.  We don't have great soil and can't duck to the store for potting mix or mulch or fertiliser.  We often don't have rain and when it's dry all our water supplies are limited so the garden more or less has to go without.  And being so cloce to the sea, like, right on the water, we are constantly battling with salty winds that nothing much seems to like...

But slowly, slowly our garden is growing.  We are learning what does well here - like basil and spinach and lemon grass and chillies.  And we keep experimenting with new herbs and vegetables, and trying new ways with things that haven't worked.

These last couple of months have seen the basil and the bayam (local spinach) go crazy which has been great for salad and pesto.  Our chillies have started to ripen and the trees are producing well.  I'll be interested to see if the trees stick around for another season or if they're a one time only situation.

The lemongrass is going absolute gangbusters and next time we are back on the island I plan to plant out a few more pots and see if I can build a bit of a wall with it to protect the rest of the garden from the wind that comes across the sea. 

 Our experiements this time have had a few successes.  We have some radishes coming up which will make a lovely addition to our salads, and our capsicums are starting to fruit!  I'm somewhat embarrassed about the level of excitement these things bring and I wait pretty eagerly for Nath to get home from work so I can show off that days discoveries!

 We have also planted some different chillies... a smaller bush with different coloured fruit.  I'm hoping that these will take off as successfully as the other variety that is loving it so much here.  I guess time will tell!

When we are back on the island I am looking forward to getting some flowers going to get more bees and butterflies into the boat yard!

If anyone has tips or pointers on seaside gardens I would totally love to hear from you!

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