Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Next Boat + My Thoughts on Garden Faeries

Today I filled this canoe with dirt.  It doesn't look like much in the photo, but this boat was so big and heavy that it had to be cut into four pieces just to get it off the beach, and each piece then had to be dragged up and into place by 5 men.  That's a big canoe, you guys!

It was such a massive effort getting these three pieces into place that they left the front of the boat at the base of a tree just off the sand where it is now filled with soil and will be home to my new melon + pumpkin patch.  Anyway.  This boat.  It is behind our house, as it's too big for the boat yard, and has been taunting me for weeks.  Everyday I have looked at the empty vessel and closed my eyes dreading the effort it would take to fill it.  But today I did it.  I filled that fucker up.  And it took every bit of effort I thought it would.  

In another body I imagine the whole thing would have been quite spectacular.  I kept imagining myself big and strong - some kind of amazonian athlete.  Tanned muscles rippling with each movement of the shovel.  If I was a man I would have had my shirt off, dirt covered skin glistening all abs and shoulders and shit.  But I'm not a man.  And I'm not an amazonian athlete.  I'm a bird boned fairy barely tipping the scales to 50kg, and the reality was far less glamorous - red faced, sweat dripping into my eyes (like, literally into my eyeballs!) and abs (which I discovered that I do indeed have) screaming at me every time I lifted a dirt filled shovel  into that damned boat "I hate you, Cath"!

Thank god it's over, that's all I can say.

Of course it was totally worth the effort.  Because with every shovel full of dirt (and sweat and tears) that went into that boat, you know what else went in?  Love.  

See, here's what I think about gardening.  The nature faeries (or garden spirits or whatever you want to call them) love getting love and attention.  So when you're hanging out in your garden (even if you're not planting or pruning or directly tending to what you're growing) the nature faeries come out to play.  And that's when your garden thrives.  Maybe you don't believe in faeries, but what is a garden if it's not magic?  Of course you can't just skip around your garden singing to your seeds and expect a fruitful harvest - we do, as gardeners, need to do our best to provide as close to optimum conditions  for our seeds to grow into the perfect plant. But plants respond to attention, and love is the best fertilizer.  Spending mindful time pottering in your garden is not only good for our own souls, its good for the soul of our gardens!

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