Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Islands of R4: Pink Sand Beach

We've been talking a lot about seaweed lately.  About eating it.  About using it as a fertiliser for our garden.  And, mostly, about the strange fact that there doesn't seem to be much around here.  Given the fact that we are surrounded by sea, we see very little seaweed.  So little, in fact, that on the weekend we went out on a seaweed hunt.

We didn't find any seaweed, buuuuuuut we did find a pretty cool pink sand beach!

We've seen pink sand before, at the famous pink sand beach of Komodo island, but we were a tad disappointed thinking that the beach didn't quite live up to the hype.  Perhaps we were there at the wrong time of year, or perhaps all the photos we had seen had been altered and our expectations were a little out of line.

Similarly to the pink sand at Komodo the sand here was nothing compared to the photos of the famed pink sand beaches we have seen, but we were pretty excited to discover it none the less.  

The beach was covered in coral so at first we didn't even see the sand.  But there was more red coral than I've ever seen in one place before and I was in beachcomber heaven!  And, of course, it is this red coral that makes the pink sand so I shouldn't have been surprised when I hit sand and discovered it's rich peachy hue rather than the golden and white sands we are used to seeing here,

It's always nice to make an unexpected discovery, and this little beach was no exception.

Of course, we're still on the lookout for seaweed!

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