Friday, 25 March 2016

Beach Combing at Pulau Roibe

Hitting up different beaches on the weekends is one of my favourite things to do.  I do live right on a beach, but it's not particularly long so visiting other islands to take long walks is  necessary for me!  Also, different beaches have different things to offer.

Pulau Roibe is one of my most visited locations since moving to the island.  Usually we anchor the boat in the channel for a dive, or trawl for fish around the rocks.  Last weekend, and again today, however, we went diving from the beach.

The island has a pretty substantial beach, and it is covered in the most gorgeous nuts and seed pods, shells and pieces of polished driftwood.  As you can imagine, this fills my heart with joy (and our home with, erm, treasure!)

There is also some really pretty snorkeling off the beach, and some great diving and fishing close by.  Stay tuned for some posts of the underwater world of R4!

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