Friday, 19 February 2016

Islands of R4: Pulau Yefmet

On our first weekend home on the island we got straight back into adventuring and took a trip to a teeny tiny island, Pulau Yefmat, near Batang Pele, for some fishing, and hopefully (if we caught a fish) some lunch.

When we arrived on the island we saw that there was a makeshift cabin and 2 men staying there, a security post watching the surrounding waters for uninvited fishermen.  They welcomed us and we spent the morning walking on the beach, collecting trash, making art, fishing and cooking up quite a feast.

As is typical in these parts, the island was all white sand and turquoise waters.

And when the boys came back bearing fish, we cooked up!  We didn't have a grill for our fish so we made one from coconut fronds!  This is our island life...

Step one:  fillet fish.  Don't have a chopping board?  Don't worry, nature does!

Step two:  collect materials.

Step 3: hydrate

Step 4: build fire.

Step 5: build grill 

Step 6: grill fish

Step 7:  add coconut water with a brush made from pine needles

Step 8: enjoy!

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