Sunday, 20 September 2015

Islands of R4: Nameless Bay

15 minutes by boat from Alyui Bay is the nameless bay where we spent our Sunday.

As is typical of islands in the Raja Ampat Archipelago tree covered limestone cliffs plunge into the sea.  Gentle waves lap over the rocks at the sea shore.  A ribbon of white sand separates the gnarled growth on the island from turquoise waters.  Large chunks of sun bleached coral lay abandoned on the sand at the tide line.  Looking over the ocean you can see the water darken from aqua where there is a sandy bottom to blue black at the reef.  Large schools of bait fish move in thick swarms that look like shadows in the water.  And a lone dugong surfaces for a breath after feeding on the seagrass bed below.

We walk along the beach.  We swim.  We fish.  We collect wood for a fire and cook lobsters traded with villagers and fish caught that day.  We drink beer and marvel at the beautiful life…

(Did I mention the dugong?  I totally swam with it and it was freaking AMAZING!!!)

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