Saturday, 19 September 2015

Islands of R4: Ganan

It's not often you see people around here.  You can find a beach at any time on any day of the week and it's guaranteed to be deserted.  But there is evidence of people: Burnt out fires, trash, the skeletal remains of pop up villages.

One such pop up village can be seen from our porch on a close by island called Ganan.  For the first few months of my stay at Alyui it was quiet over there.  The village was deserted and, I thought, abandoned.  But there are people there now.  You can hear children calling to each other and dogs barking.  You can see their fire burning on the beach in the evenings.  Several boats are banked on the sand.

The village is simple.  A handful of basic wooden shacks with tin rooves.  A couple of plates, a mortar and pestle, a pile of coconuts.  The people inhabiting the beach are likely from Selpele village, one of the nearby fishing villages and home to roughly 500 people.  They base themselves on this beach while they fish the nearby waters.

Today we took our paddle boards over to the small strip of beach that houses this village.  Hopefully one day we will be able to paddle around the entire island...

* * *

From our porch, Ganan looks looks like this...

Close up, it looks like this...

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