Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Bali

Day breaks,
scooters and roosters,
the smell of frangipanis.

Saronged women carry
offerings of marigolds and
smouldering incense to temple.

A dog barks then curls up
to slumber in the middle of the road,
unperturbed by
the throng of traffic
skirting around him.

Hello Miss?
You need transport?
How about tomorrow?
You want massage?
I plait your hair for you?
You buy something from me?
I give you good price for you?
Morning price, Miss?
Just one thing for good luck?

Boats roll gently
in the shallows of the sea,
and waves break,
hard and fast,
over the reef beyond.

Gunung Agung looms on the horizon watching over her island,
proud and nurturing.

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