6 Sep 2018

Ocean Warriors in Action

Ocean Warriors is IN THE WILD...

This is the book in action...

17 May 2018

Welcome to the Village

Setting the scene for village life was an important part of both the original story and the adapted version. Describing the houses and the jungle behind them, the ocean as a playground and a source of sustenance, market day and the general comings and going of the villagers was a way to make the local children feel at home when they read the story - to recognise themselves and their home on the pages. And for children reading the book in other areas it was a way for us to introduce this special place and way of life that might be different.

27 Apr 2018

Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise: Book Distribution + Beach Clean

I teamed up with Trash Hero Komodo for a beach clean and the very first distribution of Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise.

And it was awesome!

17 Jan 2018


It is estimated that in the US alone 500,000,000 straws are discarded every day.  
That's enough to fill almost 47,000 school buses each year.

30 Dec 2017

Ocean Warriors: Plastic in Paradise, My Favourite Part to Write

When I wrote the original story, Petrus and Novi and the Plastic Tide, my aim was to introduce the readers to the splendour of Raja Ampat, to entice the reader to feel a connection to the sea, and to bring awareness to the relentless plastic that is choking our mother ocean.

21 Dec 2017

Process, Inspiration + a Sneak Peek

It was the season for rain and for weeks the sky had been a steely grey and the wind had whipped and howled across the sea, raising the water into angry white capped peaks.  

19 Dec 2017

Petrus + Novi and The Plastic Tide

When I first started visiting unpopulated beaches and islands of Raja Ampat I became acutely aware of the Plastic Tide.  Prior to this, I think I believed that rubbish ended up on beaches because people left it there.  And that rubbish that found it's way into the sea did so because it was left on beaches and the ocean swallowed it up.

But it's not that simple.